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The team of Producers behind music programming for AudioBase not only have extensive music knowledge but also have extensive experience in broadcasting, advertising and music production.

Programming for radio is one of our specialties, as we utilise the same methods for programming music for the venues as featured on the applications page - the only difference being that we can't see the radio audience, so we must depend on a thorough demographic breakdown from our potential clients.

As far as online content is concerned, whether you need non-stop music online, live or pre-recorded streaming audio for your website (or for your venue), you can have content linked from our server to yours, or delivered via FTP, mp3 or on CD. Pop Music shows, specialist music shows, talk shows, sports shows - you name it, AudioBase can produce and/or present it.

However, for a far more 'instant feel' to your operation, why not set up your very own in-store radio station?

AudioBase helped run and manage Someplace Else Radio at The Sheraton Hong Kong Hotel & Towers. Through computer automation, suitable music was scheduled for lunch time, afternoon, happy hour and evening sessions, creating the perfect mood at the right time.

Just like a 'real' radio station, interspersed with the music were promotional and seasonal announcements produced by AudioBase, which helped to increase business in this popular American-style Bar & Restaurant in its final year of operation, after 23 successful years.

Via computer networking technology, it is possible to 'broadcast' a radio show to multiple outlets or multiple (for example) Hotel properties simultaneously, from one location either 'Live' or pre-recorded, to your exact specifications. How about 'Fitness Centre Radio', 'Hotel FM' or 'Radio Cruise Line'?

It is all possible right now!!

Please contact us for more details

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